Why Small Groups?

At Living Hope, we believe that the same power that resurrected Christ from the dead is available to us in the context of community. It's through our small groups that we can actively exhort and encourage each other towards the Gospel. Our vision for small groups is that they would be safe environments to journey with one another through the ups and downs of Christian life into deeper understanding and outworking of the Gospel in our lives.

Another key component to our small groups is missions. We believe that missions isn't just overseas but in our neighborhoods, backyards, and places of work! This is why we have small groups broken up into geographic locations. We want to be reaching out to our local communities through our small groups. Often it's asked whether our small groups are "inreach" or "outreach". We say they're "both/and".

More information on each individual small group coming soon!

What more information?

For more information on how to get plugged into a small group near you, contact one of our small group coordinators below:

Roy Mathew
Deepti Mathew