Jim Vilson Serving with CRU at Northern Illinois University


I always loved making people laugh. It’s what I used to become friends with people. And I loved the attention it gave me. In reality, it masked deeper issues of anger that I would hide from my friends and take out on my parents. On top of that, I would use my personality of making people feel comfortable through my humor for my own gain, specifically with the opposite sex. Causing many broken relationships. That all changed when I heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the age of 18. The gospel that offers joy that surpasses anything else, and forgiveness for all those things I did before. As I came to NIU in 2009 as a transfer student, I got plugged into the ethnic Cru ministry – DESIgn. Where I grew in understanding that this gospel changes lives, and goes deep. Eventually, the Lord opened up opportunities to serve at Cru in NIU. Thats where the Lord grabbed me, and showed me His heart for the Lost, and reconciling people to HIM. Now, God has given me this joy and conviction to share my life, my weakness, and the gospel of grace to this campus. I’m excited to see God do work in me first, and on the Campus of NIU!

I love people, lifting, and netflix binging.